New Product Released — CZUR Aura

CZUR, a leading high-tech company in smart office appliances, released its latest smart book scanner, CZUR Aura, on Indiegogo ( with prices as low as 50% off on 9th Oct 2018, which scans books, magazines, objects and any other paper documents at a high speed and revolutionizes scanning experience through the AI technology and the innovative curve flattening technology patented by CZUR. At present over $100,000 USD has been raised on Indiegogo and it is rising rapidly.                               

Thanks to many useful functions, CZUR Aura is gaining popularity at an amazing rate. Used as a smart office scanner and a table lamp, CZUR Aura has won Red Dot Design Award 2018 for its minimalist and exquisite design. Adopting the latest technology and innovation, Aura makes a huge step toward professional scanning services, contributing to tackling the existing problems in this industry such as inefficiency and image blurring. Aura stands out for its unsurpassed versatility and awesome features compared with traditional scanners.

Equipped with its 32-bit MIPS CPU and 14MP HD camera powered by Panasonic, Aura digitizes books at a super fast scanning speed of just 2 sec per page and displays a clear and accurate scanning image. It is space saving and portable for its modular and foldable design. In addition, it can be used more flexibly with multiple operating modes including foot pedal and can scan a wide range of documents and objects up to A3 size, which is more user-friendly and efficient than traditional scanners.

Besides, Aura adopts OCR technology, quickly transferring scanned images into editable Word/PDF/TIFF files and supporting 187 languages currently. Another distinguishing feature on the new Aura is intelligent scanner and image processing software with smart tilt correction and auto-cropping, auto-flattening and finger cots removal as well as three color modes and auto combining two sides of scanned documents into one page. Along with the built-in battery, it can serves two purposes, one as a wireless scanner, the other as an attractive lamp with a set of light modes over sound control in the Aura app. Due to its practical and user-friendly features, Aura is expected to be widely used as a home scanner and office scanner.

Now CZUR is extremely proud to release Aura on Indiegogo at the lowest prices unprecedentedly. It will be a hit to the world because its contrivance with multi-faceted functions mentioned above will profoundly revolutionize modern smart office appliance.


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