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CZUR: The killer tech pro of reducing inefficiencies at the workplace.

As an innovator of a cutting-edge technology company in China and the inventor of a smart book scanner, CZUR is committed to designing and developing products that can reshape the modern workplace environment. Our team always believes that technology can provide convenience at work through continuous improvements and innovations. CZUR Tech focuses on addressing the existing overlooked part of the office or workplace.

Today, over a few years of research and development, CZUR has established two offices situated in two cities in the heart of mainland China. One is based in Dalian city as the Major tech R&D center; the marketing and sales office based in Shenzhen city.

As an intelligent innovation company in the office area, CZUR is committed to developing AI smart new office products, integrates the tech of software, hardware, AI and cloud service in one. CZUR team strives and tirelessly explores advanced techniques to keep the high quality of each product.

Since CZUR Tech establishment with continuous strong R&D strength. A new portable book scanner called Aura has made remarkable attention and won several top awards in the launch year of 2018. Besides, Aura series total revenue generated raised over three million US dollars in different area crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo US, Wadiz Korea, and Makuake Japan.

Until now, CZUR has been sold in hundreds of countries and deeply loved by vast customers across the demographic spectrum.

CZUR firmly believes innovative development in technology would enhance the way we work and results would bring high efficiency at the workplace. CZUR team understands that new technological innovations that bring efficient work ways are not a privilege for few but for every working individual.

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