CZUR Book Assistive Cover
Useful for preventing the colors and edges of the back cover from interfering with the image exposure and algorithm.
Compact& Lightweight Design
Scanning Hardcover Books
Block the Front and Back Cover of a Book
Paste the loop and hook of the Velcro correctly
while the leather grain is facing up

Place the front and the back cover of the book
under the assistive cover and the inner page
Adjustable Middle Gap
Adjust the Velcro position according to the thickness of the book spine
Place the book spine in the middle gap
PVC Material
Splash Resistant Surface
Easy to clean and maintenance
Support Books ≤ A4 size
Able to Work with the CZUR Scanners
The ET series, the Aura series, Shine Ultra
Take out the assistive cover and place it on the above of the black mat.
It must be used to fill the whole preview screen to prevent the desktop or other objects from interfering with the image algorithm.
CZUR Book Assistive Cover
Net Weight:
Product Dimensions:
Cover: 13.14"L x 9.21"W / Adjustable Hook&Loop: 3.93"L x 2.16"W
≤ A4 sized books. (A4: 210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in)
Packaging List:
Two covers and adjustable Hook&Loop,User manual
1 year
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