CZUR ET18 Pro Premium Book Scanner, Smart Document Scanner with OCR and Wifi Function, Convert Documents to PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Tiff, Excel, 18MP HD Camera - Document Scanner


    1. CZUR software allows you to crop, adjust sharpness, contrast, thickness .etc, after scanning.

    2. 18MP SONY CAMERA, EASY AND FAST: Thanks to the built-in 18MP Sony camera and 1.5 S / P scanning speed, the ET18-Pro can easily finish scanning a 300-page book in 10 minutes, 10 times more faster than a traditional scanner

    3. By calculating the angles at the intersection between the laser beams and the scanning platform, it is possible to obtain a 3D spatial curve of the laser lines

    4. VERSATILITY: A3 AND A4 APPLICABLE: Any material smaller than A3 size can be scanned and converted to PDF / Word / Excel / Tiff / searchable PDF

    5. The auto scan mode can detect hand movements to accelerate the scan speed.

    6. ADDITIONAL LIGHTING: 2 extra high quality lights are added to the ET18-P, making it possible to scan glossy cards (it is recommended to turn off the top light, use side lights only).

    7. PATENTED "FLAT CURVE" TECHNOLOGY OF THE BOOK PAGE: ET18- P applies the latest CZUR technology

    8. Finally, it flattens the 3D curved surface after the transformation of the pixels to complete the flattening of the page of the l

    9. ET18-P emits 3 laser beams, forming horizontal laser lines on the curved page

    10. FREE, ACCURATE OCR SOFTWARE: Advanced OCR feature provided by ABBYYY, supporting 186 languages 

    11. Note: review from

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