CZUR Professional Book Scanner M3000 will be offered in CeBIT

The scanning technology updates very slowly since 1984 - the first scanner came into the world. In such a fast-growing world, people still use the traditional scanner with complicated operation steps.


CZUR want to make office work easier by do something. The scanner is where we start.


Book scanner M3000 is CZUR’s latest product with the unique appearance. It can scan single pages faster than the traditional scanner as 30-60pages/min, and also can scan books without loose sheet. The V-shaped cradle helps this and the professional software will process the scanning pictures automatically.  

The software of CZUR can flat curve, remove fingerprint, purify background and correct position.

This amazing scanner will be offered in CeBIT2017, which will start 20th Mar in Hannover.


We sincerely invite everyone to visit our booth @ No. E13, Hall 3. CZUR won’t let you down.


More details about M3000 Professional Book Scanner.

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