CZUR reach the goal of $850,000 in Indiegogo

It’s been a long time since CZUR started in Indiegogo at October 2015. 

CZUR just reach the goal of $850,000 USD today.

In the past 17 months:


There are over 3000 backers support and inspire CZUR with their kindness.

More than 1700 comments are talking about this smart scanner.

Indiegogo recommend CZUR for 7 times by official email.

CZUR’s story is identified as a success story by Indiegogo.

CZUR Smart Scanner is identified as Must-Have products for office collection.

CZUR continually optimizes the software and MAC software has come this year!

CUZR will M3000 has come this year too.


Thanks for all of you support and encourage us always. And I want say thank you to a special person here. He is John Willis. John help us a lot in the comments of Indiegogo to help others know how to use our scanner. And he also write many articles in his blog about us. Thank you so much.


We will keep working hard to feedback all these wonderful things. And we believe that technology makes world a better place.


CZUR team.


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