CZUR & Crowley reached a strategic cooperation on the M3000Pro v2 Book scanners

China and Frederick, Md, July 12th, 2023 - CZUR is excited to announce a new partnership with The Crowley Company, aimed at revolutionizing book scanning with the CZUR M3000 Pro V2 book scanner. This innovative device simplifies the scanning process and provides an ideal solution for libraries, archives, medical institutions, and other organizations with patron self-service capture needs in the United States and Canada. With customers' scanning needs constantly evolving, the scanner is a viable alternative to the recently discontinued Crowley ODS Overhead Document Scanner, providing customers with a reliable and cost-effective scanning solution.

 Matt McCabe, vice-president of Crowley’s sales and marketing states, “This is a great option for institutions with lower budgets to offer self-service patrons a live-motion scanner that can simplify the scanning process and still provide a good quality image. The CZUR is also user-proof, where it re-aligns the digital image even if the book is not properly placed on the scanner.”

Crowly team mentioned :With customers’ ever-changing scanning needs at the forefront, this scanner addition comes as a part of Crowley’s continued effort to evolve its product offerings. The M3000 Pro V2 simplifies scanning and acts as a replacement for the newly discontinued Crowley ODS Overhead Document Scanner.*                                                                                                                                                                                                          

About the CZUR M3000 Pro V2 Book Scanner

CZUR M3000 Pro V2 Book ScannerIdeal for all kinds of patron and self-serve users that need to scan materials up to A3-size (11.7” x 16.5”), the CZUR can be operated by users of all comfortability levels and technical experience within small offices and research facilities. The M3000 Pro V2 utilizes a 28-megapixel HD camera for incredible image quality and a 32-bit MIPS CPU for high-speed scanning, which allows it to scan two pages in one and a half seconds (up to 100 pages per minute).

The book scanner also features a V-shape cradle, on-scanner LCD screen and supports efficient Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that is available in more than 180 languages via the Smart software. Offering powerful batch editing features, the CZUR can crop, detect blank pages, standardize pages, switch color modes and can even transfer OCR text information to an Excel format.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

About CZUR

CZUR uses cutting-edge technology and is committed to designing and developing products that can reshape the modern workplace environment. Located in two cities in the heart of China mainland, CZUR is committed to developing smart new office products, integrating software, hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud services into one seamless operation.

About The Crowley Company

The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital scanning technologies manufacture and resale and provides an extensive number of digital document and film conversion services to the library, academic, publishing, commercial, government and archive sectors. The firm has three locations in Frederick, Maryland, San Dimas, California and Basingstoke, UK. 

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