CZUR and ScannX Announce Exclusive Agreement to Expand Overhead Book Scanner Market


(Beijing, China and Pleasanton, California), CZUR Tech Co., Ltd and ScannX®, Inc., today announced an exclusive U.S. sales agreement for ScannX to agree scannX develop and distribute the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, comprised of the CZUR ET18 Pro scanner and ScannX Book ScanCenter® software. The new product will be available in two models: one for the professional library market and one for discerning home office users. The partnership will enable ScannX to distribute enhanced CZUR solutions bundled with the award-winning ScannX software and cloud services, as well as other CZUR scanner products.

"CZUR welcomes this opportunity to broaden our reach into the US market by partnering with ScannX, the industry leader in easy-to-use book and document scanning software with special expertise in professional markets such as libraries," said Kang Zhou, CEO of CZUR. "We are also excited to collaborate on future products to expand the potential audience for our industry-leading line of overhead scanners."

"ScannX couldn't be more delighted to partner with CZUR," said Murray L. Dennis, CEO of ScannX. "Overhead scanners are deservedly getting most of the attention and demand lately. CZUR has really innovated in that space with patent pending page flattening technology, exceptional design, outstanding performance, and surprisingly low prices. Our customers are going to love these scanners."

The sales agreement also enables ScannX to sell selected CZUR scanners across the US market to both professional and consumer-level customers. CZUR will continue to sell its own products directly on, while versions bundled with the ScannX software will also be sold by ScannX on Amazon as well as other online channels through its distribution partnerships.

About the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner

The Scannx Overhead Book Scanner combines the inspired, innovative CZUR scanning technology custom-integrated with the award-winning ScannX Book ScanCenter software to streamline book scanning to page turning. The solution automatically creates flat scans from curved books, enables glossy prints to be scanned without glare or reflection, scans to email, USB, print, and cloud. The software also provides tools for the visually impaired, and offers options to fax, translate and print from a mobile device. Flexible in design from the ground up, it enables users to control the scanner using a touch screen, a hand button, or a foot pedal, while scanning entire pages at the ultra-fast rate of 1.5 seconds – including dual-facing pages of a book or A3-size documents. ScannX also developed a custom Security Stand that protects the CZUR scanner when it’s used in public settings, and an optional SmartCradle to handle thicker books.

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