Amazon Review - A little bit expensive for student, but worth to buy

"I am a Med student and we need to read A LOT... I usually just buy second-hand books or borrow them from the library, but the scanning process takes forever. One day I found this scanner on FB, so my roommate and I decided to buy one and share.


It arrived pretty soon and came with a large box. No assembling was needed. We followed the instructions: download the software from and check the instruction video on their website. It did take me a while to figure out how to use it, but after trying, I think it’s pretty handy. It scans super fast, and only took half hour for one book, basically as quickly as taking pictures. I use the foot pedal so that I can spare my hands to press the book.


After all, I think it’s worth to buy, and very convenient as a book scanner. Just make sure you spend some time learning how it works. Besides, the customer service has been a great support and you can reach them from their website."

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