Amazon Review - Excellent scanner, money well spent

"Absolutely love it. When it comes to scanning thick books with numerous pages, it's a nightmare to scan on a regular scanner, especially the amount of time it takes in the process and the vexation to constantly position, flip the book repeatedly, and hold the scanner lid down. At first I was skeptical about the features: flattens the distortions, removes fingers in the shot, converts to word document, pdf, tiff, etc. However, once I set it up at my desk and scanned, the CZUR Scanner delivered all of the performances. I am very impressed. The scan foot pedal is a nice addition to save time (press on it, scans it, turn the next page, repeat) and very convenient when I am holding the book down with two hands.

My daughter uses the CZUR Scanner for her studies and she is very happy. For her, the scanning process is faster than other regular scanners and she is pleased that the scans can convert to pdf or word document.

I would recommend this product if you are looking for a scanner to use."

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