Amazon Review - Really Great Scanner

“It is simply one of the coolest things I have purchased online in the last few years. It totally works as advertised. The packaging is great and the setup took me like 5 minutes (really that fast). I am using Windows 7 for this device so that may be something to pay attention too. I installed the software directly from the company's website rather than whatever was in the box. It all seems pretty simple to follow the quick setup guide and get started. For my purposes, I want a document/book scanner versus a picture scanner or something else that doesn't really seem to fit the design concept of this product. It's basically an overhead camera that takes pictures of whatever you lay down in front of it.


As far as how well the product works. I scanned 7 books today in less than 4 hours. For example (I timed it because I was blown away with the speed) I scanned a 194 page book in 22 minutes. What makes this device fast is that it scans first and then after you are done with the book, you can decide to OCR to pdf or word... or just keep the images.”

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