CZUR Aura Pro Portable Smart Document Scanner Libra, with 14MP Camera, Compatible with Win MacOS, Convert Documents to PDF, Word, Tiff, Excel, Functional Led Desk Lamp - Document Scanner

CZUR Aura Pro

Versatility: A3 and A4 Applicable: Any material smaller than A3 size can be scanned and converted to PDF / Word / Excel / Tiff / searchable PDF

Quick & Easy 14MP Camera: With the built-in 14MP camera and 1.5 S / P scan speed, Aura can easily finish scanning a 300-page book in 15 minutes

Calculating the angles at the intersection between the laser beams and the scanning platform

Smart Table Lamp: Four color modes for office and family

Efficient OCR Function: Based on ABBYY, with recognition of over 180 languages, the CZUR scanner converts scanned pages into editable Word / PDF / 

Searchable PDF / TIFF documents in one click.

Patented "Curve Flattening" Book Page Technology: Aura emits 3 laser beams, forming horizontal laser lines on the curved page

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