Uncle Hanzi and CZUR -- Part II

When I wrote the story the first time, I was most interested in how the OCR worked, so I mentioned some aspects about character recognition.

But if you are scanning a lot of books this machine can save a lot of time and can save a lot of ware and tear on the books. It is said that if the operation is efficient, you may be able to scan 40 to 60 pages per minute.

Also, besides the OCR, there are a couple of other image processing functions.

Books that are laid on a flat surface have a tendency to bulge up. And you have to hold them down with your finger. The image processing software will correct for the bulge, and make the page appear flat. It will also  find the margins of the book, cut it off. 
It will also remove your finger. Not your real finger, but the image of your finger that is holding down the page.
So, all in all there is a lot of functionality that will make the work of scanning large numbers of pages or books much easier.

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