Intelligent Image Processing Software
A Scanner that Doubles as Your Graphic Designer
  • Professional Trimming
  • Auto-Flatten & Smart Paging
  • Five Color Modes
  • Batch Edit and Export
Smart Tilt Correction & Auto-Cropping
Never Sweat the Setup Ever Again
Place the document
under the camera
Automatic edge recognition Smart tilt correction
No matter how random or crooked your document it placed under the camera, the scanner’s software will
easily correct it. The ET Smart Book Scanner recognizes the page edges to automatically correct and
crop, revealing a perfectly straight file.
Auto-Flatten & Finger Removal
Never Sweat the Setup Ever Again
Press the middle of
edge with finger cots
Process the curviness of page Auto-Flatten &
Fingerprints removal
An unbound book can be stubborn, but the ET Smart Book Scanner knows what to do with even the hardest-to-open.
Just lay the book under the camera, open and hold down with your fingertips. Smart processing flattens the curved
page while recognizing and cropping your fingers from the final scan. Your file is perfectly straight and finger-free
every time.
Five Color Modes
Get the Best Results Every Time
The built-in software processes your book in five Color Modes: Color, Patterns, Stamp,
Grayscale and B&W. This collection fits every document and result you need.
Built-In Editing Functions
Practical Tools to Bring Your File to Perfection
  • Change
    Color Mode
  • Rotate to
    Any Angle
  • Professional
  • Standardize
  • Rename
  • Adjust
    Image Quality
  • Print