DE-slexia with CZUR

One year ago, we, CZUR, started crowdfunding on Indiegogo for the hero product ET 16. Beyond our expectation, we’ve got over 3000 supporters for now. We almost devoted ourselves to gaining more exposure, more users until an article appeared, written by Jenn, a mother of child with dyslexia and we realized with insight that we could achieve more!

In her article, Jenn mentioned dyslexic people have trouble in reading. After scanning via CZUR scanner, books can be quickly exported into digital and recognisable file, such as Word, PDF (which can transform into audio file via text-to-speech Apps). In this way, scanners have eased children with dyslexia to “read” and learn. 

Jenn lets us know that we could do more and better, way beyond product per se and we can do something to help those in need. That’s exactly our purpose and responsibility.

Hence, we were inspired by Jenn to determine that we’ll donate 30 scanners (ET 16) to schools that help people with dyslexia.

Now, it’s the high time to start.

Any schools, welfare institutions, fraternities which are related to or concerned about dyslexia can apply for it. In first stage, 15 devices will be donated, form April 10th to May 10th. Stage 2 will start after we receive all feedback and reviews from stage 1.

We are CZUR, help to defend dyslexia together!

Apply here.