CZUR is going to be at CeBIT


We are a Chinese startup – producing revolutionarily, highly intelligent and fast scanners – whose versatility, speed, and low cost might disrupt the scan industry in a few years.


Our scanners with HD camera are ten times faster than a traditional flat scanners.


Scanning speed is less than 1.5 seconds per scan (single or double page.) A traditional scanner takes 10 to 15 seconds to scan a page.


A laser line and built-in algorithm will allow curved double pages to be digitally flattened and split. Not only is each scan extremely fast, but the time between scans is extremely short. All curved pages are digitally flattened.


Extremely versatile software will process or reprocess scans singly or all at once, and OCR software will convert the scans from any of several languages into any of several others.


Come to see us in the exhibition.


CeBIT 2017    20-24 Mar    Germany (Hannover)      Booth No. E13, Hall3

You also can contact our executives directly by E-mail.


Franklin Wang


Sales Director : 

Wiston Zhang 

Hank Zhang